Thursday, October 14, 2010

In the Beggining.... sort of!!

Well it’s Thursday Oct. 14 and we have officially been in one place for a week now.  The blog was almost not happening due to a serious limit on our internet but, as most of us know there is just something about being told that you can’t do something to make a person go and figure out how he one specific here of course ;) 
Now this issue may not have been as pressing if it wasn’t for Wow (World of Warcraft – an online game Greg and I enjoy playing with the kids, and my mom, amongst others).  We have been playing this game for a couple of years now as it is a wonderful replacement for tv as well as a great way to have fun with the family no matter where they are.   Normally I have no interest in games when we are on holidays but this time WOW was very inconsiderate in deciding to release a big update.... ok HUGE update that you have to download in order to continue playing, with all sorts of neat new things to check out, the day after we left on holidays.  We may have been able to ignore this thoughtless timing if we weren’t getting constant updates about the neat new things from almost every family member we talk to!
The real point of this ramble is that the intrigue has been just too much for us and with some careful investigation a way to increase our internet was discovered.... strictly for business purposes of course!  So lucky for all of you desperately awaiting word of my blog, the time and means has arrived!!

So on with the blog!!

Ummm well we haven’t really done anything........

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